The Czech Beer Festival - Prague, 7th May to 23st May 2015

Czech Beer Festival 2015 Something you can not miss out on!

The 8th annual Czech beer festival Prague is near.

What awaits you?

  • 17 days of the best Czech breweries, chefs, butchers and bakers
  • More than 100 brands of top-quality Czech beers in proper glass mugs
  • Pleasant service
  • Czech and world cuisine specialties, not only with beer
  • Live music every day
  • 4,000 seats
  • An ideal place for corporate and team-building events, social events or school reunions

Experience the unique atmosphere.
Come and have a great drink, great food, meet some great people and most of all have a great time!
Come for a beer!

Where, When, What & How Much? The festival has 17days and will take place 7th–23st ofMay2015


Letenská Pláň, Prague 7 – Letná
You can find map together with transportation directions here.


We are a ideal place for meeting people. And we know that you keep coming back every year. And therefore we are adapting the capacity, that is more than large this year.

The overall capacity is up to 4000 seats.

  • A large tent – 60 × 30 m
  • The beer diversity tent – 60 × 15 m (3 smaller tents – 20 × 15 m)
  • Beer garden – 60 × 15 m

Check out the layouts and choose your place. You don’t have to worry we won’t have place for you!

How much?

Entry 45 CZK per person
Remaining balances fro the beer cards can be redeemed every day until 11PM at the festival exit cashiers.
Redeemable up to 5 beer tolars (225 CZK).

Admission discounts:

People older than 65 and children from 0-15 years of age – 100%

Holders of valid ISIC/ITIC/IYTC/ALVE are entitled to free admission – upon presenting their card(s).

Opening hours:

  • Weekdays: midday-midnight (12AM-12PM)
  • Weekends: 11AM-middnight
Beer thalers
Benefits and comfort with VIP passes

This year we are offering VIP passes for 2000 CZK.

With these you will get:

  • Granted entry to the VIP area
  • A welcoming cold starter
  • A welcome drink
  • Service includes items from the self-service area
  • Entry to any 5 days of the festival
  • And VIP merchandise present

What, how and with who?

What are going to eat and drink?

The beer offerings will be, once again, very wide. You can see the overview of the breweries, brands and more information here.

Fantastic specialties not only with beer will exclusively taken care of by the Golem spol. s. r. o. company. Detail of the festival menu here.

Who will be serving you?

We are known by our great service, and so it shall be even this year.

Beer Card

How will we be paying?

Just like last year, with the popular Beer card, that has replaced the renowned beer tolars – each guest gets their own.

You can recharge you card any time, and then use your credit to pay for everything within the festival. Practical and easy!

You can also recharge you card using with any type of credit or debit card.

Who will be playing for us?


If there’s beer, there’s Švejk. This internationally known character, portrayed by Frantisek Vales will be there!

A whole new multi-genre festival ROCK'N'BEER FEST.

Presents & Merchandising

We have prepared a wide range of souvenirs and presents for you and your friends.

Stall rental

Are you offering something that goes together with a beer festival? We are offeringvendor stall – 3×2 m.

It is not allowed to offer sausages, meats, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, coffee and other hot and cold beverages.

If interested, please contact us at we will gladly provide you will more information.

Photo gallery

Food & Beer Were picky about beer and food.


Main Tent

This year, the main tent will be offering a wide range of beers from the royal brewery Krušovice and non-alcoholic beer from the Krásné Březno brewery.

Krušovice Dvanáctka
Krušovice 12°
Krušovice Desítka
Krušovice 10°
Krušovice Pšeničné
Krušovice wheat beer
Krušovice Malvaz
Krušovice Malvaz
Krušovice Mušketýr
Krušovice Mušketýr
Krušovice Černé
Krušovice Dark
Zlatopramen N·A
Zlatopramen N·A

Beer diversity – ongoing updates

The lower presented beer brands will only be available during some festival days – depending on deliveries and the amount of the beer.

Pivovar Starobrno
Starobrno brewery
Pivovar Březňák
Breznak brewery
Pivovar Kutná Hora
Kutna Hora brewery
Pivovar Louny
Louny brewery
Pivovar Hostan
Hostan brewery
Pivovar Krásné Březno
Krasne Brezno brewery
Pivovar Protivín
Protivin brewery
Pivovar Klášter
Klaster brewery
Pivovar Černá Hora
Cerna Hora brewery
Pivovar Rychtář, Hlinsko
Rychtar brewery, Hlinsko
Pivovar Jihlava
Jihlava brewery
Pivovar Vysoký Chlumec
Vysoky Chlumec brewery
Pivovar Sokolské pivo
Sokolske pivo brewery
Pivovar Valášek
Valasek brewery
Pivovar Ferdinand
Ferdinand brewery
Primátor - Náchodský pivovar
Primator - Nachod brewery
Pivovar Dalešice
Dalesice brewery
Pivovar Chotěboř
Chotebor brewery
Břevnovský pivovar
Brevnov brewery
Pivovarský dvůr Chýně
Chyne brewery yard
Pivovar Nomád
Nomad brewery
Pivovar Pacov
Pacov brewery
Staňkův rukodělný pivovar
Stankuv handmade brewery
Slavkovský pivovar
Slavkov brewery
Žatecký pivovar
Zatec brewery
Pivovar Nymburk
Nymburk brewery
Pivovar Kácov
Kacov brewery
Pivovar Poutník
Poutnik brewery
Vyškovské pivo
Vyskov beer
Pivovar Konrad Liberec
Konrad brewery Liberec
Pivovar Dobruška
Dobruaka brewery
Pivovar Eggenberg
Eggenberg brewery
Pivovar Kounice
Kounice brewery
Pivovar Koutná na Šumavě
Koutna in Sumava brewery
Pivovar Rohozec
Rohozec brewery
Pivovar Herold
Herold brewery
Uherský Brod
Uhersky Brod

What Else Can We Offer?

You stomachs will be taken are of by out festival partner – Golem spol. sr.o.

Check out the festival menu.

This year we present the Gastronomical diversity, in which you will be able to taste the specialties of the cuisines of the world:

15th May – 20th May         Europe

21st May – 26th May         Asie

27th May – 31st May         America

The offering renowned restaurants will be offering their selections:

Sweet & Pepper Days, Ryby & Chips, Delikatesky,Umami, Dish, Las Adelitas, Lemon Leaf, Javánka + Co. PUTICA

The festival will not be missing a winery with a selection of great wines from the Kutná Hora wine cellars and the Chrámec Czech winery.

Even coffee lovers will find their place – the festival coffee shop, where the professional Julius Meinl baristas will be preparing some of the best coffees. The festival coffee shop will also offer special flavours (even beer flavor!) of the Sweet´n´Sins cupcakes.

Cocktails, fresh juices, home-made lemonades and teas will be offered by BAR...coming soon, Čili BarHoffa Bar.


Photo gallery

Location For the first time we will meet at Letná in Prague.

Check out the map and choose you best way to the festival – by car of public transport.

Festival Map

Bookings Book seats for you and you friends & colleagues

The capacity is huge. But the festival is also pretty much full every year – therefore we recommend you book your places – regardless if your individuals, work collectives or bigger groups. Just to make sure!

Czech Beer Festival 2014

Here you can book seats in the main tent.

Czech Beer Festival VIP pass 2014

Benefits and comort with VIP Passes:

  • Entry granted to the VIP area
  • Service includes items from the self-service area
  • Entry to any 5 days of the festival
  • VIP merchandise presents

Groups of 6 or more people are booked with priority. For any smaller groups we cannot guarantee a table just for you.

Bookings are only available for groups of 6 or more people. The minimum fee for a booking is 585CZK pre person, that includes the admission and 12 beer tolars for you consummation.

Corporate Events Meet at a place with atmosphere.

We are a great place for informal meetings, a new type of team building, or just an usual place to meet with you colleagues.

Meet at place with atmosphere. Anything is possible with good beer and good food.

As part of the Czech beer festival we are ready to tailor an event just for you.

You can be sure that we can provide:
  • A unique atmosphere
  • Excitement
  • Competitions & prizes
  • Event souvenirs & presents
  • Diverse gastronomical specialties

All of that in line with the philosophy, name and identity of you company.
Just tell us what you want & need.

We offer:
  • A specific location for your event, including decorations
  • Staff members and servers just for you and your company
  • Performances on demand
  • A wide range menu full of beer, food and other beverages
  • Festival-themed competitions
  • Event-themed presents with the logo of your company
  • A photo album from the event

Make a change and organize a corporate event full of excitement and fun
Destined for success!

Rock'n'Beer Fest

About the Rock’n’Beer fest

The Czech beer festival has it’s own music parallel – the Rock’n’Beer Fest. This year will feature 45 bands which had to battle for their spot – just like last year. The bands were chosen by the fans and our jury. Check out the final day by day line–up.


Music City
Music City
Rock Cafe
Rock Cafe
M.A.R.S. audio
M.A.R.S. audio
Praha 7
Praha 7


Cesky Pivni Festival, SE
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Registered at the municipal court in Prague, part H, entry 5

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Updated detail from the business register

Confirmation of tax number registrations

Tomáš Král
Tomáš Král
Thec Czech beer festival and ROCK’N’BEER FEST director
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Šárka Vávrová
Czech beer festival and ROCK’N’BEER FEST production
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tel: +420 724 181 871
Alexandra Kočicová
Alexandra Kočicová
Media & PR
tel: +420 602 163 159

Festival partners

Official partner:

Praha 7
Praha 7
Smart Software
Smart Software


Diamant Expo
Diamant Expo
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Můj nový život
Svengali Communications
Svengali Communications
Svengali Communications
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Zahradnické služby Roušal

Main media partner:


Media partners:

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